27" Inch (Commissioned) Native American Medicine Wheel The outer circle was constructed by weaving green rose bush canes and allowing them to dry or 'cure' for several weeks. 'Sinew' is used to secure the inner hoop to the rosewood circle. I made the arrows using traditional Native American techniques, including the process of making glue out of pine tree pitch and resin. My friend and client provided a beautifully tanned 'caramel' colored rabbit pelt from his own farm-raised animals for the centerpieces background. The three medicine bags, one each for his wife, his young son and himself - are decorative but also removable so they can be taken on outings, hikes or camping and used to collect personal 'medicine'. The wild turkey feathers are wrapped and tied with bright Yellow, Red, White and Black yarn, the colors associated with Medicine Wheels and the powers of the four directions. Price Negotiated based on design